About us


Accountants & Lawyers

The Studio della Bella Associato consists of a network of professionals who have been operating in the Lecco area for over 45 years.

Lo Studio della Bella has been able to stand out and establish itself thanks to its multidisciplinary and personalized approach aimed at solving corporate and individual problems.

Commercial and legal services are offered within the firm.

The combination of these two professionalisms allows the Firm to always provide in-depth services and consultancy, fully capable of effectively and concretely protecting the interests of their clients, both individuals and businesses.

The attention to the constant in-depth study of the issues, sector updates as well as to professional growth is strongly evidenced by the numerous certificates obtained directly from the reference professionals.

The areas of expertise of Studio Bella are: diritto corporate law, tax law, tax litigation, banking law, banking litigation, bankruptcy and insolvency procedures.